Americana Music Production

Creating an audio recording that maintains the energy of a live music performance is a daunting challenge for any music producer. At Goose Creek Music, we believe that the magic of a live performance can be captured in a variety of environments, and recreated clearly and faithfully using modern post-production techniques. That’s why we have created a unique approach to producing high quality recordings of original music by touring Americana artists.

From our Virginia headquarters in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we specialize in music production and product releases for Americana artists. Our audio recordings are often used as soundtracks for our Goose Creek Live television show, which broadcasts on local television in Northern Virginia. We also distribute music videos via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. As a complete media production company with access to leading professional recording studios, Goose Creek Music also provides turnkey CD mastering and publishing services for our artists.

The Goose Creek Music collection of recordings includes Acoustic Indie Pop, Blue-eyed Soul, Rockabilly, Alternative Rock, Bluegrass, Americana, and Roots Rock. Our list of genres and artists is expanding as we produce and record our Goose Creek Live concert series. Since opening for business in 2008, we’ve recorded over 250 songs by artists including David Kitchen, Sam Grow, Victoria Vox, Billy Coulter and Jimmy Gaudreau. Additionally, we’ve launched over 50 music videos of Goose Creek Live performances. We look forward to continuing our support of touring Americana artists.

If you’re a fan of great Americana entertainers, we welcome your suggestions for shows, albums, and even films that you’d like to see Goose Creek Music produce. Get in touch with us today.


Goose Creek Music and Entertainment

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